Vail Daily letter: Our own Nero |

Vail Daily letter: Our own Nero

Our president cannot seem to stop the leaks that undermine his faux facts, and his credibility. He is losing the fight to prevent the dam bursting.

In Northern California thousands of hardworking Americans have been working 24/7 to keep a real dam from failing and threatening 200,000-plus Americans and their homes. Their president appears unconcerned about all that; instead he is spending all his time watching the network coverage of his leaky White House, tweeting into the small hours, going to rallies to celebrate his triumph of last year and playing golf. Like Nero, the president is “fiddling while Rome burns,” madly attempting to plug the unpluggable holes in his own imaginary dam against all those who are out to get him. All rather sad and rather concerning.

Nicholas T. Fickling

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