Vail Daily letter: Please put down your phone |

Vail Daily letter: Please put down your phone

DUI-E — “driving under the influence of electronics.” Relevant news story today (Our View: “Please, slow down,” Wednesday, July 19) as I was walking up Whiskey Hill in Eagle-Vail this morning and literally had to jump off the road to miss being hit by two separate Mercedes with middle-aged people using their handheld phones (does Mercedes not have Bluetooth?), and they were driving at excessive speeds.

I have a husband, three children and a granddaughter — how will you explain to her that “Nonna” was killed because you had to make a call? I am defenseless and you have a 4,000-pound weapon that you have aimed at me. I am walking facing traffic, on the far side of the road — and I see you are not paying attention and don’t see me to swerve until the very last moment.

Later in the day, I watched a red van drive completely off the side of the road in front of me, and a second vehicle swerve around a car making a right turn into oncoming traffic — again, on the phone — all within a mile of Eagle-Vail.

Please, put your phone down, or better yet, put it in the back seat where you are not tempted to use it. I’d hate for you to regret a moment’s bad decision for the rest of your life.

Sharon Cole


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