Vail Daily letter: Please vote |

Vail Daily letter: Please vote

It’s pretty standard operating procedure that it’s someone else’s fault when things don’t go the bully’s way. The next step in his devolution to cry baby status then becomes pretty predictable. We’ve all experienced it. I know I have. Republicans control the House, the Senate, the majority of American state governorships, legislatures and, arguably, at least until recently, the Supreme Court. When their standard bearer cries foul, in effect, the bully is saying he thinks his own party is trying to screw him while claiming it’s the other guys. Standard flim flam man rhetoric. Just like calling your opponent “crooked Hillary” and hoping the moniker sticks. How about “cry baby Trump?”

It was a Republican state attorney general who tipped the general election in Florida in favor of the Republican candidate in 2000. Ohio’s attorney general this year has already come out to declare his state’s voter system sound after conducting a thorough investigation that found 27 undocumented immigrants accidentally registered to join 7.7 million properly documented Ohio voters at the polls. His office concluded they were accidental because he said that’s not how fraud is perpetrated. Experience shows those who see crime or evil everywhere are the ones most likely to perpetrate it.

The bully and his henchmen claim the greatest offenses hide in cities like New York and Chicago despite the fact that New York has elected many distinguished Republican mayors, including one of the cry babies. Maybe when we say, “Throw the bums out,” we should be saying it about all those Republicans, because it sure doesn’t seem like the Democrats got us to the alternate universe the bully claims we’re living in. Look who’s been in control.

I have always trusted my fellow citizens to look through the nonsense and do the right thing, even if that meant things don’t go my way. This time, there is an extraordinary amount of dust and cow particulate the bully, in particular, is scraping up and tossing at us. It’s very important to keep eyes on the ball and not give up our democracy, not to the bully, not to the guy with the fat wallet, not to anyone but the voter at the ballot box. Vote … vote … please vote. That’s one of the greatest privileges an American enjoys. Our votes matter, and they count, no matter what the bully says.

Gus Nicholson

Denver and Avon

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