Vail Daily letter: Potential reasons for lack of respect for president |

Vail Daily letter: Potential reasons for lack of respect for president

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I was bemused at Ms. Stephens’ letter blaming anti–Trumpers for being addicted to TV (letter to the editor: “Quit with the ‘boob tube’ politics,” Wednesday, July 26). I have no TV (can’t afford it), listen to National Public Radio (which I believe truly is more honest than Fox News) and read a lot.

I certainly understand why the well-to-do voted for Donald Trump and tricked many of the poor into doing the same. Many on this side of the money divide could be excused for thinking Trump really cared for us and not only power and money. I’m sure part of the rationale for cutting back on the national monuments is that they don’t add enough to the economy. Really? Does every single little thing have to make money? Is wild beauty in itself not valuable?

I am a retired senior; I add very little to the economy. Oh, maybe that’s why Trumpcare will cut benefits for older citizens and poor citizens — get rid of those who don’t have money or make money. That seems to be the attitude of this whole administration.

Perhaps that is part of the reason there is a lack of respect for our president. I have read the Constitution and find that it says nothing about cutting taxes for the rich and leaving the poorer part of the nation to carry the burden. I see nothing in our Constitution that says corporations are people and should run this country.

I see nothing in the Constitution that says our public school systems should be thrown out in favor of supporting private, for-profit and religious schools. (There is something in the Constitution about separation of church and state.)

Respect? It is earned.

Katherine Delanoy


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