Vail Daily letter: Protect our environment |

Vail Daily letter: Protect our environment

The new EPA head, Scott Pruitt, is pretending that he does not believe humans are affecting global climate change. I say pretending because he is not an ignorant man. However, he is majorly beholden to the oil companies and perhaps even to the automobile manufacturers. So, under his administration, not only will the earthquake enhancing frackers be off the hook, the environmental laws that have kept greenhouse gases out of our air, toxic chemicals out of our rivers and oceans, curtailed the use life-threatening pesticides, and monitored food safety are all going to be compromised in the name of putting a few more billions in the pockets of the polluters. Have you checked to see how much money these companies are making even with environmental regulations? If you are invested in the aforesaid companies, you might think about moving your money to alternative energy.

Anyone can write to U.S. Senators Bennet and Gardner and U.S. Representatives Tipton and Polis to ask them to try to protect Colorado and the country from Pruitt’s self-serving attack on our environmental laws. You can easily contact them online. The addresses and telephone numbers are on page 88 and 89 in the Vail Valley phone book under Senate and House of Representatives.

Katherine Delanoy

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