Vail Daily letter: Question for Bruce Brown |

Vail Daily letter: Question for Bruce Brown

On Oct. 10, I attended the public forum/Q-and-A sponsored by the Continental Divide Bar Association, featuring the incumbent and candidates for the district attorney seat for District 5, encompassing Eagle, Lake, Summit and Clear Creek counties, moderated by Rohn Robbins at the Sonnenalp Hotel in Vail .

My question to the incumbent, Bruce Brown, was simple:

“Mr. Brown, in the interest of transparency, can you expand on the incident that resulted in the destruction of a county car in Dowd Junction in December of 2015 and explain how you escaped any and all scrutiny by the press (Including, most notably, this publication) until it was clear that you had challengers for your office?”

I was immediately stopped by the “moderator and chief” Mr. Robbins, citing the lame excuse for the (his) need to stay on policy topics.

In case you missed my earlier mention of it, Rohn, the policy topic in mind at the time is probably the most important one in the DA’s office: transparency.

Had I been allowed to go on, I would also have asked Mr. Brown why he left the scene of the accident, had the car towed immediately, yet waited several hours to report it. Sadly, I am talking about the head “legal Eagle” in four counties that clearly knows better.

So, Mr. Brown, will you answer my questions without the aid of your defense attorney, for the benefit of all, and so that we can see transparency at work … or not?

By the way, vote Bruce Carey for DA.

Tim O’Brien


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