Vail Daily letter: Quit with the ‘boob tube’ politics |

Vail Daily letter: Quit with the ‘boob tube’ politics

I just finished reading Clair Noble’s sanctimonious commentary submission (“Trump is not a fictional anti-hero,” Friday, July 21). Really? What a joke comparing and contrasting the President of the United States to Hollywood’s Walter White and company.

This is what she doesn’t understand: respect. Too many American citizens spend too much time on their butts watching the “boob tube,” as my parents called it back in the day. The president was elected because people were sick of corrupt politicians in both parties and felt that only a radical change from the status quo would do this debt-ridden, slow-growth, more-free-stuff country any good.

Maybe you should encourage your followers to take up reading instead of TV, starting with the Constitution.

Nina Stephens


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