Vail Daily letter: Re-elect Chandler-Henry |

Vail Daily letter: Re-elect Chandler-Henry

Eagle County Commissioner Kathy Chandler-Henry earns my vote for re-election because I value a leader who already understands complex Western water issues. This isn’t a good time to elect anyone who has to start from scratch to get up to speed on water.

Protecting the flow in our rivers is a long-term challenge that calls for constant vigilance from our county leaders and all of us. Chandler-Henry understands the intricacies of protecting Colorado from a Compact Call or more trans-basin (and in-basin) diversions that threaten the health of our rivers.

Commissioner Kathy Chandler-Henry has dedicated many years to developing a keen understanding of the water disputes facing Eagle County and the Western Slope. Serious water issues rarely make headlines these days. That’s because level-headed, informed leaders like Chandler-Henry are constantly working hard behind the scenes to protect our rivers from the impacts of new and existing diversions. She will continue to protect water quality and the flows so important to our recreational economy.

As our Eagle County Commissioner, Chandler-Henry worked closely with other headwaters leaders from Pitkin, Summit and Grand counties to make sure commonsense policies connecting land use and water development were included in the recently adopted State Water Plan. Water is often boring, tedious work, but it really matters to our grandchildren’s quality of life.

Re-electing Commissioner Kathy Chandler-Henry will ensure we keep an experienced, balanced leader in office who has demonstrated the importance of protecting the Pan, Fork, Eagle and Colorado rivers for future generations.

Caroline Bradford

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