Vail Daily letter: Renzelman for treasurer |

Vail Daily letter: Renzelman for treasurer

Mari Renzelman is the only real choice for the Treasurer’s Office. This election has shown how so many of us do not want career politicians and Eagle County can carry on that process by electing Mari Renzelman for treasurer. She has been in the Treasurer’s Office for over 16 years, 10 of those years as the chief deputy treasurer. She was appointed to the position after the retirement of Karen Sheaffer. In that time there has never been a problem, there have never been any issues and most importantly there has never been a case of embezzlement within the Treasurer’s Office. I think that speaks highly of Mari and how an office/department needs to be run. I have known Mari for almost 25 years, and she has always been committed and dedicated. Please vote for Mari — she is running because she has done the job and is dedicated to the office, not because she is looking for another elected position.

Kathy Calton


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