Vail Daily letter: Renzelman for treasurer |

Vail Daily letter: Renzelman for treasurer

I’ve known Mari Renzelman for over 30 years, since our time at Eagle Valley High School. We both were volunteers for the Eagle Valley High School Booster Club when our kids were in school, where Mari served as treasurer for three years.

Mari has spent 16 years in the Eagle County Treasurer’s Office, 10 of which as chief deputy treasurer. In that time, she has displayed the integrity and character it takes to be Eagle County treasurer. Mari was appointed by the Eagle County commissioners in December of last year to fill the shoes of longtime treasurer Karen Scheaffer. Since that time, the department has run smoothly and Mari has done an exemplary job.

We have a choice in November. We can elect an individual looking for her “next challenge,” or we can elect a person who has the proven experience and knowledge to handle the job of treasurer for Eagle County.

Mari Renzelman has proven that she has what it takes to fulfill the position. Remember to vote Mari Renzelman, Eagle County treasurer.

George Hudspeth Jr.


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