Vail Daily letter: Representative government? |

Vail Daily letter: Representative government?

Another meeting of the Eagle Town Board of Trustees, where they prove yet again that they really don’t want the citizens’ input. In discussing the Eagle Ranch PUD Amendment, I asked the board to consider the prior variance that was granted to Village Market. Before I was able to finish my comments, Anne McKibbin, mayor, cut me off and said prior decisions could not now be considered. I asked how they might be addressed. She pointed to Ed Sands, town attorney, and he said, “in court.” I looked at them in disbelief. I said, “So we have to sue the Town of Eagle to get a prior decision overturned, even if it is illegal.” Yes, that’s what we would have to do.

When that decision was originally made, many of the neighbors were concerned about the safety of the children in the neighborhood with a semi trailer backing in right behind their homes. In that meeting, Anne McKibbin said that they would “learn to deal with it.”

It’s very clear that certain members of the board think they know better than the citizens what is best for the town. And that does not include respecting your input or your personal property rights, or even the health of your children. Be sure to think about that attitude the next time you vote. We are supposed to have a representative government, not a dictatorship.

Donna Spinelli

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