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Letter: Response to Mr. Pope’s comments comparing Trump to Hitler

Mr. Pope’s comments left me somewhat speechless (“Trump’s speeches reminiscent of Hitler,” Wednesday, Aug. 2). I hope he is open minded enough to read this and maybe learn something.

First, I am from the combat pilot fraternity: Vietnam 1965-1967, 97 combat missions and a survivor. I have never met Sen. John McCain. He did do his time in that war effort, but if you knew the facts, which are readily available, you might learn something of this admiral’s son. We did have tactics that would give us a fair chance to beat the surface-to-air missile threat and anti-aircraft danger, but you had to do the right thing that was part of your training. If you didn’t get it right, then you got shot down.

Speaking of Hitler’s writings, I did look at a few of his novels, as I was curious about how that guy thought. World War II is still a subject for study and learning. I don’t think that made me suspect or a Nazi sympathizer. If it did, then I never knew it.

So, the issue of transgender folks in the military: I’m not an expert on this problem, but I’m sure all the high-ranking generals have taken the time to brief our president on their thoughts.

Interesting, I was based in Thailand with several hundred guys doing the war thing. We had a hastily built wooden structure that was a large shower room and with sinks, etc. When using the facility, one had to have a flashlight at night to look for cobras hanging on the structure over the showers. Sure would have been a shock to see a transgender person showering with the rest of us. Don’t know how that would have worked?

Speaking of minorities, I think our president does label some of the illegals as murderers, etc., because they are. Has Mr. Pope ever heard of Kathryn Steinle? She was murdered by an illegal immigrant who had been deported five times and returned to shoot this young lady. Does he have a right to be an American?

One more thought: I have spent the past 30 some years as an airline captain flying often to Europe. If you have not been in Europe lately, then you would be shocked what the Muslims are busy doing. Don’t take my word for it; why don’t you go there and see for yourself.

If you will do this, then I will certainly read your letters to the editor. The one on Aug. 2 was almost a misprint, I hope. By the way, don’t ever trust a “professional” politician. They have way too many perks and want to save them all.

Robert Ponti

Former U.S. Air Force major, Dallas, Texas