Vail Daily letter: Response to: ‘Political sign inappropriate for Vail parade’ |

Vail Daily letter: Response to: ‘Political sign inappropriate for Vail parade’

All of your readers should be impressed in knowing that Mr. Layton has had a second home on Forest Road since 1985 and frequents Matsuhisa, The 10th and Almresi (Letter to the editor: “Political sign inappropriate for Vail parade,” Saturday, July 15). I know that I feel second-class. … I have had a second home since 1992 in lowly East Vail and prefer only Blu’s and Bully Ranch.

I would assume that Mr. Layton supports Donald Trump, based upon his letter. Apparently, like “The Donald,” Mr. Layton wants us to be impressed by his material wealth and believes that should lend some credence to his ridiculous request to strip a presidential impersonator (at an Independence Day parade) of this right to freedom of speech.

Mr. Layton suggests that the town of Vail should prohibit any individual from expressing his or her political beliefs during the Fourth of July parade, a celebration of our American freedom. Mr. Layton and President Trump should both be reminded that our country and the freedoms that we all enjoy are what has allowed both of them to realize the success and privilege that they enjoy and are intent to boast about.

Finally, the writer states: “I am not sure who supervises the parade regarding occupants, but this type of display degrading any sitting President in the White House is inappropriate on so many levels.” Our current president has done significantly more to degrade that office than any impersonator could ever do. .. on so many levels!

Terry Oakes

Greenwood Village

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