Vail Daily letter: Restoring tennis in Eagle-Vail |

Vail Daily letter: Restoring tennis in Eagle-Vail

On Thursday, March 2, I attended the Eagle-Vail Property Owners Association Annual Meeting. President, Judd Watts and treasurer, Steve Daniels did a great job presenting their agendas and sharing their board’s accomplishments. Following their presentations, Jane Ross, a member of the Eagle-Vail Metropolitan District Board was asked to present information about the Strategic Operations Plan, which both boards have been participating in since October. Her presentation was significant in that it highlighted and detailed the ongoing efforts by both boards to work together and enhance communication among themselves and in the community. Further, the community learned that the plan’s goals include working to enhance collaboration, transparency, respect and stewardship for those on the board and in Eagle-Vail.

One reason this board has invested the time and energy in this process is to help calm the turbulence in our community created by the 5A Referendum in 2015. The defeat of the 5A Referendum revealed that the community did not support the agenda of the previous board for several reasons, including unreasonable costs and opposition to the development of green space.

However, what this board did learn from the defeat of 5A was that honesty and transparency are critical and that Eagle-Vail residents want our community assets maintained so that our property values will continue to grow. Eagle-Vail needs to demonstrate that it is a strong, vibrant and desirable place to live. The current board did a “reserve study” in early 2016 carefully looking at an inventory of assets and their needs for maintenance or replacement over the next 20 years. This information was considered in recommending an annual budget and long-term financial plans.

Relying on community outcry, prudent financial analysis and the Metro Board’s fiduciary duty to Eagle-Vail and its residents, the board voted to fix the tennis courts which have been neglected for the last 10 years. After one delay, the board voted, once again, to go forward, in the spring of this year, with replacing the long-neglected tennis courts with new post-tension courts and to make repairs to the tennis building.

The Metro Board carefully did its homework. The tennis court project has been budgeted for, and it includes substantial financial support from the property owners association. Having the tennis courts and the tennis facility restored will provide Eagle-Vail residents with a quality venue right next to our beautiful swimming facility where friends and families can meet and play. This welcome decision will translate into improved property values for everyone in Eagle-Vail. As Eagle-Vail promotes, and most residents want, we will once again have an outstanding golf course, a beautiful swimming facility and a tennis facility that will provide our residents — young and old — the opportunity to play tennis or pickleball with other people who love the game or are wanting to learn to play. It is good for Eagle-Vail.

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I hope the board will resist a demand from a vocal property owner who is demanding that the plan to restore our tennis facility be stopped. Eagle-Vail residents should contact Metro Board members to demonstrate their support to restore our tennis facility and to thank them for carrying out their fiduciary duty to take care of our recreational amenities.

Sara Davis

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