Vail Daily letter: Roundabout unnecessary |

Vail Daily letter: Roundabout unnecessary

Work will soon begin on a roundabout being constructed on El Jebel Road. This is to alleviate traffic backing up on the highway caused by vehicles turning into Wendy’s. I’ve lived on the El Jebel side of the highway for 15 years, and I, personally, have only encountered that problem on two occasions. Is this worth $2 million of our taxpayer dollars? I seriously doubt it. Yet Eagle County will proceed because half of those funds are federal tax dollars. This will not come close to solving the El Jebel Road intersection problems. This is just a waste of money. For those of you who know the area, they could prohibit left turns there, and people could just drive around the block where the old park and ride used to be. Call Eagle County commissioners today.

Barb Forrest

El Jebel

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