Vail Daily letter: Ryan for commissioner |

Vail Daily letter: Ryan for commissioner

I have known Eagle County Commissioner Jill Ryan for several years. Before she was elected, we worked together on the Eagle County Planning Commission. Commissioner Ryan has an extensive background in public health, which I believe will help our community, our region and our state address our complex health care system and its unsustainable cost and health insurance premium increases. Commissioner Ryan has a master’s degree in public health. She is a governor’s appointee to the State Board of Health and the past vice president. As a retired home health and hospice nurse, I personally have seen how critically important a fair and equitable health insurance system is to our community families. Commissioner Ryan knows this as well and was among several elected officials that led the charge at the state Legislature to compel the Colorado Division of Insurance to study geographic cost disparities, and consider a single insurance rating area for the state. Commissioner Ryan is a leader in a coalition of county commissioners working with our state and federal lawmakers and our lieutenant governor to address the skyrocketing cost of health plans for individuals, families and groups. Lowering the cost of health care is one of her strategies to help keep locals local.

Commissioner Ryan is a tireless worker on our behalf in many areas of concern and importance at the county level, and we are fortunate to have her there. Let’s keep her there working for us! Please vote for Jill Ryan for Eagle County commissioner.

Patricia Hammon


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