Vail Daily letter: Ryan for commissioner |

Vail Daily letter: Ryan for commissioner

We need a real leader as county commissioner: Jill Ryan. What we all want as our elected leader is someone bright, experienced, hard working and above all, someone who will always “do the right thing” for us. In national and even state campaigns, we don’t actually know the candidates. We have only vague impressions of their intentions and their character as provided by advertising and by the media.

But this is not so with our commissioners. Many of us know them personally. I know Jill Ryan, and I can tell you she is no Jack Kennedy, but she’s as close as we’re going to come to him. She has the education, the experience and the fine moral character to represent us. She has adequately demonstrated this during her first term, refusing to spend our tax money on extra county employees or frivolous or incomplete programs, but passionately supporting needed services like early childhood care and education for our young families. She has kept our taxes low and helped keep the county on budget.

In my dealings with Jill, she has not always voted in my interest, but she has always done the hard work of researching the issues and arming herself with the facts. Then, she has voted her conscience. We cannot ask for more. Vote for Jill Ryan. She will always do the right thing.

Dick Rothkopf


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