Vail Daily letter: Ryan for commissioner |

Vail Daily letter: Ryan for commissioner

For the record, I am a pro-business, less government individual and local politics are just that, local. To me, it matters who the person is: are they honest, trustworthy, transparent and, if elected, will they look out for the good of the community as a whole?

With the sad state of affairs we find ourselves in at the presidential level, I would hope we could have real information and specifics on candidates running in our local elections. Wish as I may, this doesn’t seem possible after reading Randy Wyrick’s article on Mr. Dunahay who is running for county commissioner against Jill Ryan.

To me, it does not matter if someone helped look for a lost boy in 1964 (I wasn’t even born), is going to donate 10 percent of other people’s money to the Vail Valley Foundation, slept on friends’ couches, pulled thistles for the last three years and has only evicted one tenant (which Mr. Dunahay himself has been evicted, more on that later) or owned the Spaceship (Sleeper) House.

How does any of that make you qualified for county commissioner? Mr. Dunahay says he will form a public-private partnership if the housing tax passes. Has he ever been involved with a public-private partnership? What is his expertise in this area? How does the three Eagle River Valley locations solve workforce housing? How many commissioner meetings has Mr. Dunahay attended in the last three years? I know how many pounds of thistles he has collected.

Mr. Dunahay says, “I have practical business experience. My opponent has government experience.” OK, well tell us more, Mr. Dunahay, because what I found when I Googled you was that you lost to foreclosure the Spaceship (Sleeper) House, and there are pages of complaints regarding Vacation Solutions, your company. The definition for you and me of what practical business experience is may be on the opposite side of the business spectrum. How many people have you managed? What size budget do you have firsthand experience managing? These are the type of questions I have.

Jill Ryan is a small-business owner and, prior to becoming commissioner, Jill Ryan was a consultant with expertise in needs assessment, strategic planning, and program evaluation for nonprofits and private business. Jill Ryan has a master’s degree in public health and is the past vice president of the Colorado Board of Health. Under Jill’s leadership, the county has implemented a yearly fiscal reserve analysis and doubled the amount of “rainy day funds” set aside for natural disasters and economic downturns. What is high on Commissioner Ryan’s to do list: building affordable housing, completing our trail system, helping the low-income workforce get early childhood education and improving county business processes.

Jill Ryan is savvy in business, honest, trustworthy, transparent and always has the community as a whole first. Jill Ryan has my vote for Eagle County commissioner.

Russell Molina

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