Vail Daily letter: Seeking an energy future without fossil fuels is baffling |

Vail Daily letter: Seeking an energy future without fossil fuels is baffling

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I always enjoy the discourse of opinions and thoughts. A few issues regarding the world getting off of all fossil fuels and going to all alternative energy sources always baffle me.

Thinking beyond cars, as we must, more than 25,000 products we humans use are fossil fuel-based. Lets start with asphalt, which we would all need to drive our electric cars on paved roads, would we not? How about nylons and rubber and flying — air traffic globally is going to double by the year 2050.

Don’t buy crayons for your children or use aspirin or many pharmaceuticals or clothing, for that matter. Live in cold weather? Sorry, no more antifreeze. Paint your home or a new roof? Forget about it. Eating would be a real problem, as any agricultural production requires the use of fossil fuels. My brother and sister in law’s farming operations produce about 24 tons of agricultural products per day (yearly average), and they are all about keeping costs low and being energy efficient.

I could go on, but I won’t here. Humans are going to have impacts. What we use is first grown or mined. All energy sources have impacts, and all are going to be needed for our needs and wants. We cannot waste monetary capital as people’s earned money is of limited supply, too.

We need to be wise, smart and resourceful and encourage new and viable technologies in all areas, including resource and energy development. And we should not be wasteful and understand how to mitigate our impacts. So enjoy life, give thanks, and plant some trees.

Charlie Wick


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