Vail Daily letter: Seeking excellence at all Vail Valley Foundation events |

Vail Daily letter: Seeking excellence at all Vail Valley Foundation events

By virtually all measures, this year’s GoPro Mountain Games were the most successful we have hosted. With more than 70,000 spectators, 3,300 participating athletes and an economic impact upward of $7 million, the GoPro Mountain Games have become an iconic aspect of life in the valley and an immensely popular way for tens of thousands to kick off summertime in the Rockies.

However, on Saturday afternoon, during the height of Mountain Games activity, Ms. Dianne Carpenter and her husband were denied access with their vehicle to their home in Vail Village.

We regret this incident and sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this caused Ms. Carpenter and her husband. The town of Vail policy regarding homeowner ingress and egress during a special event is very clear: All homeowners are allowed access to and from their home during a special event.

We understand the town’s policy, and as one of the larger event organizers in Eagle County, we adhere to this policy during all of our events. The situation Ms. Carpenter experienced was an isolated incident and will not happen again.

We were in contact with Ms. Carpenter the moment we heard of this incident some weeks ago and have continued open and forthright conversations with the involved parties to ensure that this does not happen, and in everything we do, we continue to strive for excellence for all our Vail Valley Foundation events, programs and venues.

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Thank you and sincerely,

Michael Imhof

President and CEO, Vail Valley Foundation

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