Vail Daily letter: Self-rule for Dotsero |

Vail Daily letter: Self-rule for Dotsero

It has come to the point that Gypsum is once again looking at annexing land in Dotsero. Again it is at the request of a group of owners to avoid more stringent county zoning for a project. This time, on the board is a noxious asphalt plant and open pit mine. Why would this even be considered — 100-plus trucks, dust, possible water well disturbances, the loss of recreation services and control of our peace and quiet? The dust alone will be formidable with our summer 35 mph winds.

If Gypsum takes control of our area and approves the plant, it will signal that they intend to turn us into an industrially zoned mess, hiding industry away from their nice neighborhoods and destroying ours with toxins and all-night high-intensity lighting.

It is once again time to consider self-rule for Dotsero.

It does not, however, escape me that progress must be made and that roads must be built. It is who is in charge of the project that is the matter; more so who receives the benefits.

Why go to Gypsum to ask for this environmental nightmare? It is my opinion that they don’t want added scrutiny and overall regulations are less burdensome.

I must say that Gypsum is a well run town. So why would Gypsum consider this? Gypsum stands to make lots off of this project in taxes, fees that they will charge to the developer, and it has little to lose. It will not have to put up with the trucks, dust, the burning eyes and lungs from the asphalt plant. It will not have to deal with potentially even worse water quality. It will not suffer 20 to 30 percdnt property value loss. Gypsum gets the egg and we get to feed and clean up after the goose.

That tax egg belongs to the residents of Dotsero, So do the taxes from my business and others that will open to support our growing population. Do you want to see a larger community center or splash park for your kids to use in Dotsero or pay for projects closer to Eagle or Gypsum or Edwards? In self-rule, you will determine your taxes and what is or is not built. When you have control, you can approve a gas station or Laundromat or not if you like driving to Glenwood to get a gallon of milk at 9 p.m.

It is not hard to become a town, and you do not have to ask permission from anyone. A simple “yes” or “no” vote brings life to the town.

What do you want — Dotsero the doormat or Dotsero the Gateway to the flattops?

Josh Farmer

Dotsero Self Storage

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