Vail Daily letter: Sen. Cory Gardner needs to find health-care solutions |

Vail Daily letter: Sen. Cory Gardner needs to find health-care solutions

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Sen. Cory Gardner cast votes in support of the Senate Republican health care bill in his usual fashion — strict conformity with the Republican Party. Mr. Fickling asked Sen. Gardner to explain his votes for Trumpcare in an eloquent and thoughtful column, which questions what Sen. Gardner was actually thinking when his votes were cast (“Explain your health care stance, Sen. Gardner,” Friday, Aug. 4).

I, too, have been attempting to find out what the senator’s thoughts and opinions are regarding a solution to our health-care problems. He should have some thoughts and ideas, since he was part of the 13-member, all-male health care Senate subcommittee.

Last week, Sen. Gardner held a “live streaming” town hall for one hour. The majority of the questions centered on health care. Sen. Gardner’s responses were nonspecific, provided no detailed discussion, consisted of talking points, and he frequently pivoted to deriding the Affordable Care Act, rather than discussing possible solutions.

I agree with Mr. Fickling that Sen. Gardner needs to explain why he voted to end health care coverage for millions of Americans and why he continues to vote for his party instead of with his Colorado constituents. Holding an “in person” town hall may help him see the faces of those constituents and possibly remind him of those he was chosen to represent.

D.L. Mumma, M.D.

Colorado Springs

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