Vail Daily letter: Sign placement |

Vail Daily letter: Sign placement

Recently, I read a letter in the paper from a young man who had defaced some political signs. I got the sense from his letter that he understands that, while the vandalism is wrong, the bigger issue is that his actions infringed upon a fundamental right of another citizen — the right to free speech. He is a young man. After this experience, I have hope that he is a better one.

On my way home yesterday, I saw more than one sign opposing a local ballot initiative that had had signs placed by proponents of the initiative strategically placed on either side of them. They were deliberately placed so that the message of the opposition sign was almost totally obscured. (The opposition signs are a distinctive bright yellow color, so they are easy to spot.)

I saw this on both ends of our valley, so it isn’t just one person. While the opposition signs may not have been removed or defaced, these actions still infringe upon the rights of others. Seeing this kind of action does not make me, as a voter, inclined to agree with your viewpoint. In fact, it has the opposite effect, as the people who did this presumably know better, but just don’t care.

If you believe strongly enough in your ballot initiative to place signs, then by all means place them where you think that they will have an impact. But please, don’t use your signs to effectively silence the voices of those who disagree with you.

Heather Dorf Rawlings


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