Vail Daily letter: Simonton for treasurer |

Vail Daily letter: Simonton for treasurer

I was very disappointed to read the article by the Vail Daily’s Editorial Board regarding their endorsement for treasurer, an article that in my opinion clearly picked the wrong person as it provided inaccuracies about Teak Simonton. Teak was never appointed by the Board of County Commissioners to fill a vacancy and she’s not simply looking for a new challenge. I know Teak, and her motivations are so much bigger than this.

Teak and I have been colleagues and friends for 11 years. Her resume includes 20 years of progressively responsible private sector management, in addition to a stellar tenure as the county clerk and recorder. As a former director of human resources for Eagle County Government, I was continually impressed by her leadership and responsiveness to her staff’s and citizen’s needs and concerns. We worked closely together on a variety of personnel issues and I found her to be an excellent and fair manager, who held her team to the highest standards. I witnessed firsthand her win-win style as she also worked with other Eagle County department heads and elected officials. She was respected by her peers and all who knew her, and she has served as a role model throughout Colorado on how a Clerk and Recorder’s Office should function. Teak would bring the same energy and commitment to the Treasurer’s Office. It has been a privilege for me to know Teak; Eagle County voters have an opportunity this November to make a great choice for treasurer. Please vote for Teak Simonton!

Nora Fryklund