Vail Daily letter: Simonton for treasurer |

Vail Daily letter: Simonton for treasurer

I have worked for many years as an election judge here, first in our local polling places and more recently, in the Eagle County building. Through these experiences, I have come to know and hold the greatest respect for Teak Simonton. She is meticulous in her oversight of the local election processes. I can personally assure you that every single vote that legally can be counted is counted.

Teak is also an excellent leader. She has been involved in many committees both at the county and state level, and her contributions have been applauded by her peers. It is rare to have one’s entire staff so well versed in the many processes for which the County Clerk and Recorder’s Office is responsible. I have seen far too many executives fail to share knowledge of the responsibilities of their personal position and those of their staff so that any transition can be seamless.

The Vail Daily, in my opinion, made an error in endorsing Teak’s opponent for treasurer, saying that Teak has done such a good job in her current job that change would be bad. Au contraire, change is good. Teak Simonton would be an excellent treasurer for Eagle County. Her educational background and her interests are strong in the area of finance and her current position doesn’t draw heavily on those strengths. With her well proven leadership skills and her many years of both private sector and government experience, she could take on this new role with a broader vision than the recently appointed treasurer possesses, and bring a greater level of transparency and public awareness to this important position. Please mark your ballot for Teak Simonton for treasurer.

Doris Dewton


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