Vail Daily letter: Simonton for treasurer |

Vail Daily letter: Simonton for treasurer

I offer my enthusiastic support for Teak Simonton in her bid to become Eagle County’s treasurer

I have been a Vail property owner for close to 20 years. I had the fortunate opportunity to meet Teak Simonton eight years ago when our boys started attending the same school. We quickly became close friends as we worked together to organize community activities and events and traveled all over Colorado to watch our kids compete. We put in a lot of volunteer hours together and sometimes we didn’t get a lot of help, but with Teak there things always got done.

She is amazingly organized, hard-working, always thinking out of the box coming up with better ways to get the job done, and quick to volunteer and step in if a need arose. Teak was always focused on the job, but she has a quick smile and great sense of humor as well. The positive way she interacts with everyone, the way she manages a project — she is a natural leader.

I know enough about elections to know that they are very complicated, and that they require tremendous team effort and coordination. Elections have been run perfectly in Eagle County for years, a true testament to the efforts and skills of Teak Simonton and her staff. I hope you will vote for Teak Simonton — Eagle County voters would benefit greatly from her presence in the Treasurer’s Office!

Domini Zopf

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