Vail Daily letter: Skiing: A spiritual experience |

Vail Daily letter: Skiing: A spiritual experience

Two years ago, I came out and went over to Christy Sports in Avon to rent a set of skis. The employee recommended the Rossignol Sin 7 ski. I said, “I’m not sure about that. You see, I’m a pastor. How about those Soul skis.” He said, “No, you want the Sin.” I gave into the temptation and rented them. I loved them! I loved the Sin! I told my buddy skiing with me, “You need to try the Sin!” I ended up buying a pair from Christy’s.

Two months later for my birthday my wife asked me, “What do you want?” I told her I needed bindings for my new skis. We looked online. I found a set of Marker bindings on discount. The model name of the Marker bindings was Lord. That sealed the deal. Lord bindings on my Sin skis! I was becoming known among my skiing friends as the Billy Graham of skiing, seeing that Billy lives in Asheville!

I figured the story would end there. Not quite. Preparing for this year’s trip to Vail/Beaver Creek, I began shopping for a new set of boots. What did I find? The Freedom line AT boot by Scarpa.

The package is complete.

I ski in Freedom because the Lord has taken my Sin.

Phillip Trees

Arden, North Carolina

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