Vail Daily letter: Some questions |

Vail Daily letter: Some questions

How can we encourage more people to ride the bus?

How can we make the bus easier to ride?

With more people moving to the area and more cars on the road, wouldn’t it be a good time to start looking at what we can do to change the way the buses run?

What if we changed the ECO bus from Highway 6 to go down Stone Creek Drive in Eagle-Vail? How many more people would ride the bus then?

What if the town of Avon provided this service? (Don’t kids from Avon go to school in Eagle-Vail?) Wouldn’t this lighten the congestion on the roads?

What if the right turn lane from Highway 6 to Eagle Road had an green arrow so everyone didn’t have to stop and go?

What if the concept behind a bus was it came to the people instead of the people coming to it?

What if the land from the Avon town building was turned into deed restricted affordable housing on the lake?

What if every new commercial property was required to build a level with housing? Walgreens could have three or four units on it. The new medical center could have had same. The new fire/police department could have the same (at least to provide housing for town staff).

Just questions I was asking myself as I was walking to Avon from Big O tires.

Joe Shankland

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