Vail Daily letter: Statements not true |

Vail Daily letter: Statements not true

The letter to the editor Friday by school teacher Joe Peplinski, alleging that I would settle any of my lawsuits over the years against the school district for monetary gain for me, is an absolute lie. Mr. Peplinski was never involved in the settlement talks for any of my lawsuits.

In the first lawsuit, for holding illegal secret meetings, the $12,000 the district paid was just to cover my legal fees.

In the second lawsuit, for wrongly refusing to provide public information, the $48,000 the district paid was just to cover their legal fees and my legal fees.

In the third lawsuit, for violating the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) by failing to correctly inform the voters of the last five years of higher revenues, and instead, cherry-picked a few years of poorer revenues beyond the last five years required by TABOR, was unfairly done to try to convince the voters that the district was poor, and the district was forced, under oath, to admit this. The District Court ruled that I was correct, but said it didn’t matter, which I predicted would happen. The Colorado Supreme Court then upheld the District Court decision, but ordered the district to pay approximately $200,000 in legal fees.

Silly season continues. Mr. Peplinski has never been on the school board. His lie about me stems from his hatred of me, because of an expose about the school district that he didn’t like, years ago. Lying about me just days prior to an election is not surprising. However, I forgive him.

Michael Cacioppo

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