Vail Daily letter: Take the time to heal from loss |

Vail Daily letter: Take the time to heal from loss

Perhaps I am extra aware of loss based on my personal experiences, yet I see much around me in the Vail Valley of late and I swell with empathy.

Life can be a rollercoaster. This winter, I was on a great ski-season high when my father died unexpectedly from a stroke. That kite I was flying drifted to ground. In fact, there was a void in the air. What I had not realized was that loss is cumulative if not processed. I was a complacent numb and not sure why. Then looking at my past decade, I acknowledged I was clobbered every few years with a loss. I hit tilt.

In losing my dad, I lost my anchor in life. Fortunately for me, I found Grief Counseling with Celynn McClarrinon. I’ve always enjoyed ongoing learning, book club and coaching. With a proven process, reading and working, The Grief Recovery Method gave me the opportunity to acknowledge and process my losses through exercises and discussion. I wish I could explain beyond the logistics of how it worked. I refer to it as magic. What I do know is that after seven weeks together, I felt lighter, had a smile in my heart and am open to love again with happy memories instead of a void.

A grieving person is not broken. They need to be heard, not fixed. Thank you to the many counselors, therapists, coaches and caregivers in the Vail Valley for holding space for our community members to feel supported and heal in a loving way. Should you have a loss, I encourage you to take the time to heal with a professional.

Clare J Hefferren


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