Vail Daily letter: Taken aback by Spandex reference in sports article |

Vail Daily letter: Taken aback by Spandex reference in sports article

Many things happened during my high school career, ranging from Eagle Valley football beating Battle Mountain — but a Battle Mountain football player being featured on the cover for four years — or when Eagle Valley girls soccer beat Battle Mountain for the first time ever being pushed to the back of the paper with a title that implied that it is surprising that we beat them, but when they beat us they were on the front page.

It seems silly that a newspaper was something that we all looked at like it was the end of the world if we weren’t featured, but in a small town, the local newspaper means a lot to the high school athletes. So when I read in Chris Freud’s words that Spandex is to the liking of men, I was taken aback.

That is the point I realized so much more is wrong with the paper than the low-balling of Eagle Valley. Sexualizing high school women is something that should not be done in a high school article. I would still like to say to you Mr. Freud, as you wrote all these articles to your best sometimes, it did not come out that way.

It sounds crazy that this can impact high school students so much, but it does. So as you write your articles, make sure you edit and revise them thoroughly and check to make sure you don’t miss any important facts, such as first-team members.

Thank you for four years, Mr. Freud.

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Rose Sandell


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