Vail Daily letter: Thanks for your service |

Vail Daily letter: Thanks for your service

Nov. 11 marked the day upon which our nation came together to recognize the men and women who have served in our country’s armed forces. We came together not only to recognize these brave men and women, but also to thank them for their service, their dedication, and for the sacrifices they have made to keep our country safe.

On Veteran’s Day this year, Vail Christian High School was blessed to have the opportunity to hear from three veterans in the valley — Patricia Hammon, Butch Mazzuca, and Bill Welch. Their eye-opening and sobering stories were a testament to not only their service and sacrifice but also to their courage and integrity.

During the assembly Mazzuca characterized veterans in a way that opened my eyes to the extraordinary sacrifice every veteran has made and the dedication each has shown to our country. Mazzuca said: “A veteran is someone who at some point in their life wrote a blank check to the country with a value of up to the life of the signer,” and that is exactly what each of these men and women did. They made the greatest sacrifice of all — to serve and protect their country.

Thank you, Patricia, Butch, and Bill; thank you veterans of Eagle Valley; and thank you veterans of the United States Armed Forces. Your service has not gone unnoticed and neither have your sacrifices. We look to you with admiration in our eyes and faith in our hearts, for you have shown us the true meaning of service and what it means to be courageous.

Isabelle Carlson

Junior, Vail Christian High School

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