Vail Daily letter: Thanks, Officer |

Vail Daily letter: Thanks, Officer

(Last week), I called the Sheriff’s Office reporting a badly injured buck near my backyard that had been hit on Highway 6. In just a matter of minutes, Officer Cory Diss arrived and put the buck out of its suffering. He then dragged the heavy buck up the hillside and under a fence and placed it on Highway 6 for CDOT to remove it. CDOT arrived also in a few minutes and Officer Diss helped place the buck into CDOT’s truck. Then Officer Diss walked down to my house to see if I was OK (the buck’s suffering was hard to experience), to see if I had any questions, and to tell me that they had the buck removed so that I would not end up with a mountain lion in my backyard.

Not only do our law enforcement officers protect us and our property, but they also do so much more for us. They deserve our recognition, respect, and gratitude. I’m sure it was not a pleasant task to shoot and then remove that beautiful buck. Thank you, Officer Diss!

Helen Bird

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