Vail Daily letter: Thanks to committee for Eagle-Vail traffic calming help |

Vail Daily letter: Thanks to committee for Eagle-Vail traffic calming help

I want to thank the Eagle-Vail Traffic Calming Committee for its continued diligence in making our neighborhood safe for pedestrians, kids and adults on bicycles, residents walking and moms and dads with strollers. Our streets are narrow anyway, and so it makes sharing that space with cars and pedestrians a challenge, so be a good neighbor and resident and drive the speed limit.

The new yellow pedestrian crossing signs are just another way for calming the traffic, getting folks to slow down and observe the speed limit. Thanks also for restriping the streets and repainting the pedestrian and golf cart crossings.

Not sure the public knows that if a pedestrian is not in a designated area for pedestrians, it is not necessarily the driver’s fault if a pedestrian is hit. Our family learned this years ago when our youngest was crossing the street at the corner where the pool is located and was hit by a car turning the corner.

The sheriff said that a ticket would not be issued to the driver because there was not a crosswalk indicating that pedestrians have the right away when in the street. That accident caused a broken arm and concussion. The driver was 16 years old, and she and her family were very apologetic. I just hope that those folks speeding don’t badly injure or kill someone. That would be devastating for all involved. But with the lower speeds, we minimize the injuries, hopefully, should an accident happen.

There is no reason to hurry in Eagle-Vail from any point in the community. You can be out to U.S. Highway 6 in a matter of minutes just doing the speed limit of 20 or 25 miles per hour. Slow down, and enjoy seeing your friends and neighbors along the route. We all need to slow down and enjoy the beautiful place we call our community.

Special thanks to Mary Blair, Sandra Slappy and James Deegan for your dedication to committee work, traffic calming and for making Eagle-Vail a better place to work, play and live.

Louise Funk


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