Vail Daily letter: Thanks to Vail Ski Patrol |

Vail Daily letter: Thanks to Vail Ski Patrol

Since we now have reached the end of our ski season, which has been a very good one for us and hopefully also for the Vail Valley, I would like to take a moment and send a heart-felt “Thank You” to the guardians of our galaxy — the Vail Ski Patrol.

Their jobs encompass so much; from avalanche prevention to EMT services to patrolling all terrain to ensure the safety of the conditions, we have always appreciated their services and respect the pride and professionalism with which they provide them to make our guests happy and our mountain safe.

This winter season, thanks to Vail Resorts, my husband, Pepi, has been fortunate enough to spend a bit of time on the mountains skiing his favorite runs with ski patrollers as his “guardian angels” to keep him safe and protected. Many of them eagerly volunteered to accompany Pepi when he wanted to take a few runs.

I was very happy that Pepi was able to enjoy 10 beautiful days on our mountain, the mountain which he loves so much. The patrollers were fantastic and he enjoyed their company and their friendship. They were well trained, like-minded companions and I had complete peace of mind knowing he was in good hands should anything come up.

I thank them from the bottom of my heart!

We all know that ski patrol provides crucial services to any ski resort. When ski patrollers go out of their way to exceed expectations and enhance experiences, it is no longer simply service, it is hospitality at its finest. As one of the original hotel proprietors in Vail, that makes me proud.

I propose that the ski patrol change its motto from “Living the Dream” to “Sharing the Dream.”

Thank you, Rob Katz and Chris Jarnot, for having made this possible for Pepi to have 55 years of skiing on Vail Mountain.

Looking forwards to a wonderful summer and many more ski seasons to come.

Thank you again!

Pepi and Sheika Gramshammer

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