Vail Daily letter: This is a major problem |

Vail Daily letter: This is a major problem

I appreciate Joe McHugh’s letter to the editor on Monday when he addressed the ever-increasing dangers on Vail Mountain during the winter season. I am one of the statistics of an injury this season, due to a snowboarder cutting me off causing me to break my clavicle. While I realize this is not as serious an injury like many I read about, it is, nonetheless, important to note that Vail Resorts continues to push this problem aside.

Yes, there were two Yellow Jackets close to where I went down. However, they were positioned at the entrance to Game Creek lift, not anywhere strategic to prevent out of control skiers and boarders. I’ve noticed this in other areas as well. Vail Resorts purports having many Yellow Jackets on the mountain, but I don’t ever see them directing traffic in high-volume areas, and I especially do not see them where runs converge with cross traffic.

Mr. McHugh addresses very well the problems on the mountain, giving many necessary solutions. I encourage everyone who has had an unfortunate collision with another skier or boarder to please come forward, write to the Vail Daily and Vail Resorts to inundate them with letters and emails, hopefully forcing everyone to notice this is a major problem that can no longer be pushed aside.

Kathy Kimmel


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