Vail Daily letter: Town fails employees during events |

Vail Daily letter: Town fails employees during events

Town of Fail

We, the employees of Vail, feel our voices need to be heard. Spring Back to Vail is taking place today through Sunday and for the first time that a concert has occurred at Ford Park, we cannot park in the garage for free. It has been a few years since concerts have taken place at Ford Park, and when that did happen, employees were able to park in the garage for free, since they are not able to park in their usual paid parking.

This year we were told otherwise. We were given Donovan Park, the Nordic Center and Frontage Road in West Vail. For those of you who are not aware, these are free options already available to the public and fill up rather quickly. We spend all winter working diligently for the town and providing our locals and guests with an epic experience, so we feel this is a slap in the face.

Ford Park is parking for those who work full time, are committed to their work and pay for the parking pass. This is not available to just anybody. So those who are working during these events are not only working and can’t enjoy them but also have to waste more of their time and struggle to find parking.

During the Burton U.S. Open, other parking lots are closed and employees are instructed to go to Ford Park. This also created unnecessary stress to those who park there every day and found nothing available when they got to work. We ask why? Why does Vail feel this is OK? Why does Vail have so little respect for their employees?

We love this valley and these events and do whatever we have to do to live here, but as the town continues to make more and more money every year and we continue to be treated poorly, and wonder if it’s all worth it. It’s the little things that really make a difference, so we ask; will Vail choose to respect and stand up for their employees, not only today, but every day? What does the future look like for us?

Thank you,

Pam Schifrin

It’s simple: Don’t lie

Dear Political Hack Jack, great article Sunday. Really good job smearing the competition. Keep up the good work.

Dear Soothsayer Jack, love to know how you know what Trump believes.

Dear Jack, it’s simple: Don’t lie. In the future, kindly identify yourself for what you really are: a political hack who despises anything conservative, especially President Trump. You are many things, my dear Jack, none of which fall under the heading of Reverend.

If you truly are: “a Presbyterian minister who heads the nonprofit, tax exempt Creative Growth Ministries,” then please start acting like it.

Mike Kieler


Unanswered questions

Vail Valley Medical Center and our physicians benefit significantly from two categories of non-local patients. First is affluent skier visitors who are injured skiing. Second is rich patients who travel from all around the world expressly for orthopedic surgery here. My question is: How does cost accounting exclude these welcome revenues from Rating Area 9 total cost of care calculations which may otherwise underlie our exorbitant insurance rates?

Could this be part of the explanation for this Eagle County paradox: We are among the very youngest, thinnest, fittest of American communities and we have light patterns of opiate, methamphetamine and tobacco dependency. We have low cancer rates. Yet, we have the highest medical costs in the country, and therefore, perhaps, the world?

(I am aware of the costs associated with the epidemic scourge among locals of knee sprains leading to endless usually detrimental surgeries. But, even so …)

Can William Scanlon answer this?

Walter Dandy

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