Vail Daily letter: Transparency needed in Avon |

Vail Daily letter: Transparency needed in Avon

After reading the letters to the editor about the Oc.t 25 Avon Town Council meeting, I watched the beginning of the meeting on as I was late in arriving and missed the beginning of the meeting. Whether this was the place to air their feelings or not, it was obvious there is a transparency issue. After watching two council members state the issues and listening to Virginia Egger’s answer that her trip to California on taxpayers’ dollars (with the Vail Valley Foundation) was confidential, I can see the lack of transparency. Additionally, this was two out of seven council members that were expressing their concerns, not just one. Matt Gennett had it correct when he stated that the town manager, Virginia Egger, should have never let this letter become part of the council package if she was doing her job correctly. It is time for positive change and new effective leadership in Avon. Please vote for Peter Buckley, Jake Wolf and Trevor Spinks.

Angelo Loria


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