Vail Daily letter: Trump for president |

Vail Daily letter: Trump for president

I have been following the current presidential election with some interest. I think that the issue this year is quite clear. The elite, establishment ruling classes, both Democrat and Republican, have failed. They have failed greatly on issue after issue for decades to the point that we are no longer what most would recognize as a normal country.

Normal countries don’t have almost half their adult population not working. We have one in five families where not one family member has a job and 94 million adult Americans are not working. Our borders are out of control. If we don’t have a functional border, then we don’t have a country, let alone a normal one. A normal country doesn’t have health insurance and healthcare itself priced beyond the ability of all but the wealthiest to afford.

The elitists among us do not see these problems because they don’t experience them and where necessary have created workarounds to avoid them. These elites have allowed and indeed encouraged the central planners at the Fed to run amok with zero interest rates that devastate retirees and indeed all savers, along with pension funds, insurance companies and small banks.

It is no wonder that we have a candidate like Donald Trump. He may be crass and crude at times and say inappropriate things about women and minorities, but we are not voting for person of the year, example to our children, or our next new BFF. We are voting for the person most likely to blow up the Washington establishment and drain the swamp of crony capitalism (or, more properly, fascism) that is the Washington/Wall Street nexus.

Hillary Clinton is the ultimate insider. Arrogant, corrupt and destructive of our most important institution, the rule of law, she claims an entitlement to the office of president because she’s a woman and it’s her turn. She and her husband have clearly used their position in government to enrich themselves and apparently are willing to sacrifice even our national security on the altar of their greed and ambition.

The difference between the two candidates is the difference between words and deeds. He has said many distasteful things, but has built great buildings and companies and personally created thousands of jobs. She talks the politician’s talk but her deeds have been disastrous. Say what you will of Mr. Trump, nothing that he has said, done or not done has caused the deaths of four people. The same cannot be said of Mrs. Clinton. Her record as secretary of state is one of blunder after blunder. These blunders have led to the emboldening of Russia and China and have set the Middle East on fire. A vote for her is a vote for the status quo and to reward corruption and incompetence. A vote for Donald Trump is a vote to try to save what’s left of our constitutional republic and to set our country on the path toward a better future.

Tom Chastain


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