Vail Daily letter: Trump for president |

Vail Daily letter: Trump for president

Do you realize that our counties deficit is growing by a staggering amount of $2.37 billion per day? America’s deficit will be over $21 trillion by the end of 2016. With 324 million Americans, the US debt puts a financial burden of $65,000 on every single man, woman, and child. With 125 million employed Americans the true tax burden is $168,000 per working individual. These are facts and our countries debt will continue to grow no matter who is elected.

We Americans do not need professional politicians taking our money and giving it to others so they can stay in office. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to review the last several years’ expansion of federal programs to understand that our tax dollars have been used to buy a politician a vote. While professional politicians have been firming up voting blocks by using our tax dollars they have also created a federal political society where they are untouchable and unaccountable for their actions. Presidents, senators and congressmen have created their own special medical, benefits and retirement programs. You can agree or disagree with this but you cannot dispute the facts.

Looking at the two major candidates, one made money through capitalism while one has created personal wealth through cronyism. Capitalism is available to all Americans while cronyism is available to only a select few. Do you choose a candidate who has obtained his wealth by creating tens of thousands of jobs in his lifetime or do you select someone who has made a career and living saying one thing, doing another, all while making back room deals for personal wealth for herself? You can agree or disagree with this, but you cannot dispute facts.

Our professional politicians have dug us the American taxpayer a financial hole. Don’t take the current lies and waste of our federal tax dollars as normal! You have a choice this election with your vote. If you’re tired of paying high taxes, having your tax dollars wasted, if you’re tired of politicians not being held accountable for their actions, and if you want more money in your pocket, then you know who to vote for in this coming presidential election.

Personalities aside, I vote for capitalism and the individual who supports personal growth for all Americans over cronyism and expanding political perks. That means vote for Donald Trump, the only candidate who will make the decisions necessary to change our federal politics so all Americans can benefit not just a chosen few professional politicians.

Steve Lamontagne


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