Vail Daily letter: Trump supporters must deal with their consciences |

Vail Daily letter: Trump supporters must deal with their consciences

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Just what we need: Another conservative columnist (“Van Ens versus Evangelicals,” Steven Willing, Sunday, July 2). White evangelicals support President Donald Trump and his agenda more than any significant religious group.

You say they don’t “follow” Trump. What great timing: Last night, the fawning Robert Jeffress introduced Trump at their rally. For those who don’t know him, he is the head minister at First Baptist Dallas, endorsed Trump (illegally) and leads one of the largest evangelical (on their own website) churches in the United States.

As for climate change: Surveys show higher skepticism of climate change and support for withdrawing from Paris among evangelicals than any large religious group in the United States. As for climate change, to take one example: Richard Lindzen, although an esteemed scientist, is known lately for his errors in climate science and ridiculous comments that smoking is not related to lung cancer.

If religion isn’t the issue, why do you do a Trumpian takedown of Presbyterians? Supporters of Trump, especially evangelicals, must deal with their own consciences in supporting a serial liar, admitted sex abusing, cruel, abusive, obviously unhinged president.

Charles Allen


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