Vail Daily letter: Vail Symposium update |

Vail Daily letter: Vail Symposium update

I have recently become the chairperson of Vail Symposium and have been the Program Committee chair for several years. I wanted to provide an update on the Vail Symposium, including the recent hiring of Kris Sabel as Executive Director.

The Vail Symposium focuses very strongly on providing highly stimulating and diverse programming for the residents of our valley at affordable prices. We have developed relationships with the think tanks in Washington, D.C., and universities around the country to orchestrate terrific programs featuring speakers who are both experts in their field and entertaining presenters.

We also collaborate with other local organizations such as the Vail Valley Partnership, Walking Mountains, CMC, Eagle County Schools and the Women’s League to increase the quality of programs, avoid overlap and create the diversity of our discussions.

Kris Sabel has officially been the executive director of Vail Symposium since Sept. 1. His time thus far has strongly reinforced our belief in his ability to raise the Symposium, and that we offer to the community, to an altogether higher level.

We certainly don’t want to put time pressure on Kris knowing any transition takes time, and that the timeline for most of the Symposium’s programs are a year or so out in the planning process. Nonetheless, since the hiring process wrapped up, Kris’ immediate engagement is already pushing the organization forward. His influence on potential programs for summer and fall programs in 2017 has been impactful. I want to compliment him on that.

We have a great set of programs scheduled for this winter — be sure to look out for our winter program book scheduled to hit mailboxes right around Thanksgiving. It will give you great insight to the caliber of events and speakers that will soon visit our town.

I also want to thank the many donors, sponsors, volunteers and others who that have long supported the Symposium. Your impact has been significant. We thank you for your generosity as we push forward into new and exciting times.

I expect the community, guests of Vail and every audience member to find great value in what we offer. We hope anyone unfamiliar with our organization will join the many supporters and friends of the Symposium and become excited about a future of highly stimulating and diverse programs.

Dale Mosier

Chairperson, Vail Symposium

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