Vail Daily letter: Van Ens misses mark |

Vail Daily letter: Van Ens misses mark

Reading Jack Van Ens’ Sunday article titled “Clinton’s faith led to a life of service” leaves one struggling to comprehend how he expects anyone watching TV news or reading the newspaper to believe this nonsense. Even the press’s limited and blatantly biased reporting of her lies and attempts at deceit leave one convinced she is anything but one attempting to lead a life of service, unless he means service to herself.

While identifying himself as a Presbyterian minister, Jack writes like a political hack so caught up with his liberal bias that he has difficulty facing the truth. Both HRC and DJT are questionable of character at best. Neither appear to have one iota of intention to “lead a life of service.”

Sadly, one of our choices for our next president is worse than the other. How this great country has gotten to the point of fielding two self-centered, unethical, if not criminal characters for president defies common sense and decency.

May God bless America.

Mike Kieler


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