Vail Daily letter: Vote for Chandler-Henry |

Vail Daily letter: Vote for Chandler-Henry

Through the past couple of years I have had occasion to approach members of our County Commission. I have found all three commissioners open and available. We are very fortunate to be represented by a group of commissioners who do not let ego get in the way of the work they do for us. No drama, just a pragmatic approach to county business.

One of the reasons behind this businesslike work ethic is Kathy Chandler-Henry — intelligent, devoted and committed to representing all county residents. Of course, I’ve not always convinced the commissioners of my point of view. They’re not there to please only me. However, Kathy has always been available and listened.

I am voting for Kathy Chandler-Henry. An effective legislator keeping balance and pragmatism in the day-to-day governance for Eagle County.

Robert Hickey


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