Vail Daily letter: Vote for Chandler-Henry |

Vail Daily letter: Vote for Chandler-Henry

I commiserate. I empathize. I feel your pain. There are few, whether right or left, who won’t get an serious case of acid indigestion when they mark their choice for president this fall. Relax. The perfect antacid is just a short way down the ballot. Kathy Chandler-Henry for county commissioner will calm your roiling stomach and revive your faith in democracy.

It is difficult for me to list all her outstanding qualities for fear of sounding hyperbolic and insincere. Certainly, no one can possibly be that good. Right? Wrong! She is intelligent. She is educated. She is open-minded. She is thoughtful. She is humble (to a fault in a politician). She is warm and compassionate. She can be hard headed when needed. She is fiscally responsible. She works tirelessly for the people of Eagle County. Really, she’s that good.

Please, please vote for Kathy Chandler-Henry. Your vote for her will help you to forget this dismal chapter in our country’s history.

Peter Runyon

Former Eagle County commissioner

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