Vail Daily letter: Vote for change |

Vail Daily letter: Vote for change

Let’s get real. We are not trying to elect Jesus Christ to the presidency and definitely not the Virgin Mary. No one in any election doesn’t have a few skeletons in their past. These polls we keep seeing need to be left in the clubs for strippers to dance on. Who are they polling? The Washington fat cats are afraid of a president coming in and eliminating their position and chance to get even richer with our money. The people’s vote is hopefully what elects our leaders. I don’t care what Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney or John McCain say — they had their chance and couldn’t do it. Why is it when presidential candidates can’t be elected, they are appointed the secretary of state job representing our country in very important world matters? I think that job is more important than the presidency. What we have right now is so close to socialism with the government trying to run everything . Pretty scary — look at the post office.

Ronald Reagan ran into some real challenges before he was elected. The Republicans tried to stop him because he had been an actor and wasn’t beholden to any of them. But the power of the people won with the popular vote. I don’t know how we voted for more of the same four years ago. I think we are lazy and act just like sheep being herded around by dogs and trying to find green grass, but waiting for dogs to do our thinking for us. Obama can’t wait to leave this mess he has created and establish his foundation and start making some of the big bucks with Bubba’s guidance. Just remember we’ve got to have change and vote for the person that can make it happen — at least the skeletons of those who didn’t follow her rules.

David Schneider


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