Vail Daily letter: Vote third party |

Vail Daily letter: Vote third party

I am a 28-year-old male born and raised in Louisiana who moved to the valley right after high school. 2016 will be the third national election I am able to participate in, and, man, is it a doozy. Feeling deflated by the choices we have been given for president, I still feel hopeful — hopeful that the disaster of the Clinton machine and the Trump nightmare will give America a purification of the two-party system. Regardless of who wins, we will have an authoritarian as our commander-in-chief. This should be plain to most people.

I typically vote Republican, but this election I will not, and I feel great about it. If Trump is what the party represents, then I want nothing to do with it. He has embodied everything the left has claimed Republicans to be for the past 20 years: sexist, power hungry and hypocritical. I have expected those things from the left, but not from the right.

That’s why I make this plea: ignore the norm, vote third party. The only way for the conservative movement to win is to lose this election cycle. How can any well meaning Trump voter (and I do believe many are well meaning) stand before someone in 2020 and claim moral objectivity after voting for a sexual abuser and liar? They can’t. This is why, if conservatives want to survive, they must ignore their instincts and not vote for Trump. Trust me, I know, Hilary is a professional liar and she has covered up most, if not all, of Bill’s sexual misconduct. However, I expect that from the progressive neo-liberals — not from conservatives (which Trump is no conservative). Sure, Republicans have been wired and programmed since the ’90s to destroy anything Clinton, but, I ask, at what cost? Are you going to vote for the corrupt, lying candidate who covers up sexual misconduct or the candidate who lies and commits sexual misconduct? Neither! If Republicans don’t want another Trump as its nominee in 2020, I urge you to vote for a third party.

But, if Trump is what the party represents (and it may be), then I want nothing to do with it. Character matters and policies matter. Most of all, your vote matters. Young people are watching what we do. I don’t have enough time to address how Trump’s policies have nothing to do with the Jeffersonian and Madisonian principles the Republican party was founded on.

So, I appeal to character. Clinton and Trump our the worst representations of both parties. Don’t play into it. Vote your conscience.

Garrett Shook