Vail Daily letter: What does neighborhood gain? |

Vail Daily letter: What does neighborhood gain?

At last month’s Town Council meeting concerning the Marriott Residence proposal on the old site of the Roost Lodge, it was a home run for the Chicago developer who got 100 percent of what he wanted; the neighborhood around the Roost got zero, nothing, Does that sound fair? I thought we elected our Town Council to represent the people of Vail, and I thought in our democracy, the representatives would listen to the people. Some did but most did not. When I got up to speak and make some suggestions it seemed like the developer knew he was going to get everything and anything he wanted.

So, yes, the Chicago developer is giving our area something that is needed and is of use to some businesses and some newbies, But he is giving little or nothing to the neighborhood surrounding the site; his main motive is profit.

The few things that would be of benefit to the neighborhood such as a left turn lane at both driveways was not agreed to but they did agree to possibly contribute to this improvement in eight or 10 years with no financial commitment now. It was also suggested that only the Residence Inn part of the development would allow dogs and that rental units should be able to be easily rented without the dog incentive — if there really was a housing shortage this incentive would not be needed. No agreement there. It was also suggested that no walkway up to Meadow Ridge Road would be allowed or if needed for fire egress would be gated. No agreement there. Even the mention that no work be done from Meadow Ridge Road was not agreed to. Since the second reading approval, several trucks have been working from Meadow Ridge Road and they are leaving a muddy mess. Is this what we have to look forward to?

I do hope that before this project is started, something can be offered to the neighborhood other than a massive building that blocks out the sun.

Randy Guerriero

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