Vail Daily letter: Where does this end? |

Vail Daily letter: Where does this end?

The developer and owner of most of the commercial space in Eagle Ranch Village has requested another increase in density in the Eagle Ranch Village. The last increase was substantial, with the addition of the proposed Village Market site, along with approval of a variance for semi trailer delivery trucks behind the Village Market.

Mr. Wright describes the change as a “clarification” to allow three stories in residential buildings. It is not just a clarification, it is clearly a modification to allow three stories where before there were two, resulting in the increased residential density. He already received a huge increase in the allowed commercial square footage with the Senior Center. Then Village Market, now this. Where does this end?

In the town of Eagle Land Use and Development Code, Section 4.03.10, it is stated:

“Purpose: This title is drawn in accordance with the Master Plan for the town of Eagle and is designed for the purpose of promoting the health, safety and welfare of the present and future inhabitants of the community, including:

“Section B. Securing safety from fire, flood and other dangers.

“Section I. Separating incompatible uses and densities so as to avoid negative impacts of uses on each other.

“Section L. Avoiding the effects of public nuisances such as noxious odors, fumes, air pollution, visibility impairment, noise, and potential hazards such as fire, explosion, irradiation, chemical and nuclear pollution.”

The approved Village Market variance is not in compliance with these elements of the code. The variance for the semi-trailer delivery trucks will result in noxious odors and fume, and noise. It also is dangerous for children in the area. It was not a permitted use before. It significantly decreases the property value of the adjacent residential properties.

Residents protested the increased danger for children in the area. In addition to the children who live in the area, many use this parking lot as a route to the elementary school. Anne McKibbin, our current mayor, replied, “They’ll get used to it.” Really? Is that how our Board of Trustees protects the children of Eagle? Are you as shocked by this comment as I was?

Why is it that we continue to grant variances for this PUD without compensating for the impact by removing previous variances that have not been implemented? It seems clear that there are some issues with the Village Market, possibly because of the major expansion of City Market, and that it is unlikely to be implemented. But the approval is still out there.

I suggest that the applicant offer to accept rescission of the approval for Village Market in exchange for this additional density and amendment to the PUD.

Is that so outrageous? The town has repeatedly revised the original zoning in this neighborhood, to the detriment of most of the owners and residents.

The hearings for this file are on Tuesday at 6 p.m. for the Planning and Zoning Commission, and on Feb. 28 at 6 p.m. for the Town Board of Trustees. Come to the meetings at the Town Hall to state your opinion regarding this matter. Or write a letter to the P&Z and the Town Board to be included in the citizen feedback. Emails can be addressed to the Town Planner at

Unless we make our voices heard, there will be no change in the way decisions are made in the town of Eagle.

Donna Spinelli


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