Vail Daily letter: Where’s the menorah? |

Vail Daily letter: Where’s the menorah?

Nice to see that the “season of lights for the Jewish faith and Hanukkah” be mentioned in the Vail Daily (Our View, Wednesday). Nice to see the word Hanukkah in print anywhere in the valley. Yes, mazel tov to the Vail Daily for even mentioning it!

Every night of Hanukkah (this year starting on Dec. 24 eve), a candle is lit to celebrate. Many years ago, Beaver Creek had a very large menorah alongside the Christmas tree. However, for the past 10 to 15 years, there has been no sign or talk of it.

Vail, along with B’nai Vail Congregation and its rabbi, has been lighting a very large menorah by the Covered Bridge to celebrate the season of lights for as many years as I can remember.

One resort has refused to bring any signs of both holidays into it; the other is proud to display both holidays. Come on guys, get your act together! Either we allow both holidays to be celebrated or none. We were told by an administrator at Beaver Creek that Beaver Creek does not celebrate religious holidays and a menorah is a decoration for Hanukkah. So, please tell us what a Christmas tree is!

Toby and Mort Mower

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